Verdicts and Settlements


$6.5 Million

Settlement for young man severely injured in auto accident. Lawsuit filed against manufacturer of automobile on the grounds that it was defective and not crashworthy.

$3.2 Million

Settlement against Port Authority of New York/New Jersey based upon negligence claims and malicious prosecution against former employees.

$1.8 Million

Settlement against Chevron corporation for products liability claim in which a young boy was burned by an exploding can of charcoal lighter fluid.

$1.8 Million

Settlement for severe injuries received by work at construction site.

$1.45 Million

Settlement of a young man who died as a consequence of inadequate lighting provided by PSE&G.

S1.2 Million

Settlement in construction site accident when worker was injured in a fall from an excavation site that was not properly stabilized.

Sl.2 Million

Settlement to woman who was sexually assaulted by a wealthy relative.


Settlement to woman driving a vehicle which was struck in the rear by truck while entering into Holland Tunnel.


Settlement against the manufacturer of tool after piece broke off striking man in the eye..


Settlement against elevator and maintenance company for negligence when Bergen County Courthouse elevator in which 2 Sheriff officers were injured when elevator unexpectedly fell 2 floors.


Settlement to woman who was sexually assaulted by a physical therapist.


Settlement to woman involved in a head-on collision for injuries to her neck which did not require surgery.


Verdict of injured worker after being knocked over by heavy equipment at a construction site.


settlement to woman against family who caused her to be maliciously prosecuted for sexual assault after jury acquitted her of criminal charges


Settlement to woman who fractured her ankle while at a movie theater.


Settlement to plaintiff in malpractice claim.


Settlement to woman who slipped and fell on liquid on floor of Ikea.


Settlement to man who slipped on ice outside of a hotel.


1. Woman acquitted by Passaic County jury of all 33 counts of indictment alleging sexual assault in which sixteen year old boy accused her of non consensual sex on multiple occasion.
2. Port Authority police office charged with drug possession and attempting to bribe the arresting officer acquitted by Bergen County Jury of all charges.
3. New Jersey State Trooper charged with assault of criminal suspect while handcuffed acquitted in Bergen County of all charges.
4. 21-year-old man accused of date rape of a 19-year-old woman is acquitted of all charges by a Passaic County Jury.
5. Woman accused of aggravated assault on another woman allegedly motivated by jealousy is acquitted by a Bergen County Jury of all charges.
6. African American male pulled over for no reason on George Washington Bridge is charged with assaulting police officers and acquitted by a Bergen County Jury of all charges,
7. 19-year-old African American male accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl acquitted by a Bergen County Jury of all charges.
8. Vietnam Vet accused of shooting his wife’s lover with a sawed off shotgun at point blank range acquitted of attempted homicide charges by a Bergen County Jury and convicted of lesser offense of assault resulting is a substantially reduced sentence.
9. Director of Engineering of a Company Trading on NY Stock Exchange charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States Government in allegedly submitting false documents to the Federal Drug Administration acquitted of all charges by a Jury in Federal Court in the State of Maryland.
10. Public Employee of Bergen County Municipality charged with theft of service acquitted of all charges by Judge in Bergen County.
11. School teacher accused sexually assaulting student. Acquitted of all charges by a jury in Morris County