Real Estate Law


Our attorneys are exceptionally well versed in property and real estate law, with experience litigating all phases of property and real estate disputes, including mediating, arbitrating, and trying cases on behalf of our clients.  If you believe your property has been impacted or you are faced with defending property or real estate claims, we can help you prepare for negotiations or a trial, providing case strategy and preparation to resolve your case as efficiently as possible.

RWKD Law has experience with a broad range of property and real estate disputes, including: Quiet Title Actions, Partition Actions, Contract Disputes, Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction), Trespass and Nuisance, Landlord-Tenant, Adverse Possession, Zoning and Easement Disputes, Governmental Takings, Commercial Real Estate, Covenants, Appealing Land Use Decisions, Mortgage Fraud, Title Claims, and Constructive Trusts.